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1972 - 2022

Celebrating 50 Years of Soo Greyhounds Hockey

1972 - 79

Joining a new league. 

Welcoming #99.

Capturing the hearts of the community.

1980 - 89

The streak. 

The future Hall of Famers. 

The first time. 

The possible move.

1990 - 99

Three Memorial Cup appearances. Bringing home the trophy in 1993.

2000 - 09

Good Bye Memorial Gardens. 

Hello Steelback, Essar Centre.

2010 - now

Stanley Cup comes to town (a few times). Future looks bright.

Hound Power 1972 - 2022

Here are some of the great soundbites that I have gathered for you - the fans.

Over 40 past players, coaches and media personalities.

Listen to your favourite stories told by the people that were there.

The Hound Power documentary will celebrate the Greyhounds' 50th Anniversary.

Here's a preview of who I have already interviewed.


Want to become a part of this project? Donate to my Go Fund Me and you will be in the credits. 

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